38th and Walnut

If any of the throngs of Toynbee tile fans out there that might be reading this are interested, a new tile was very recently glued on the southeast corner of 38th and Walnut Streets. I discovered the new tile by thinking to myself, ‘this is a perfect place for a tile,’ then seeing one. This has happened a few times (Washington Ave, 30th street station) and I’m starting to think that maybe I glue them myself in some hypnotic state. Either that, or the actual tiler and myself share some sort of aesthetic affinity. If that’s the case, watch for tiles in the following places:

Chinatown, probably along Arch at 10th or 11th.

The Parkway, near the library/Logan Circle.

Girard Ave, between 5th and Delaware Ave.

And just in case the tiler is reading this, there’s a great spot in front of the zoo entrance on a short spur between the intersection of Girard and 34th street. Very heavy foot and auto traffic.

But anyway, the new tile, without the heat of summer sun is having a hard time getting exposed. Although run over by hundreds of cars a day, the tarpaper has hardly budged between Sunday and Wednesday. Here are a couple (cell phone) images:


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