I got nothing today

So here’s a list of new Toynbee tiles that I noticed this weekend: 36th and Walnut 37th and Walnut 38th and Chestnut 36th and Chestnut 33rd and Chestnut 33rd and Market 32nd and Market 31st and Market —-… Read More

New York City = House of Hades

About a year ago, several large, colorful street tiles appeared in Buffalo, NY. By winter the “House of Hades” tiles had been completely destroyed by snowplows. But their creators have been tenacious. Earlier this year, a new batch… Read More

I, Svlad Cjelli

I’ve been slacking on Toynbee tile updates. A few weeks back, the first of the 08’ tiles appeared on center city streets. I’m slacking because after 2007’s re-introduction of original style tiles, these new ones just aren’t that… Read More