The Year the Tile Broke: 2009 recap

Why haven’t I written about Toynbee tiles in a while? It’s been a great year. Actually, 2009 will go down in history as the year the tile broke. Consider this: There are no less than 4 people or… Read More

Only Reason to go to South Street Now Gone

Actually that title is a little dramatic. I still have a drunken, 2:30AM place in my heart for Lorenzos, and (upstairs!) at Tattooed Moms is still alright every now and then, but the strips draw – the 4th… Read More

New York City = House of Hades

About a year ago, several large, colorful street tiles appeared in Buffalo, NY. By winter the “House of Hades” tiles had been completely destroyed by snowplows. But their creators have been tenacious. Earlier this year, a new batch… Read More

I, Svlad Cjelli

I’ve been slacking on Toynbee tile updates. A few weeks back, the first of the 08’ tiles appeared on center city streets. I’m slacking because after 2007’s re-introduction of original style tiles, these new ones just aren’t that… Read More

9-11 Conspiracy: Part 1

Culled from the (sadly, now defunct site) email archives. You know maybe he’s onto something: from what i can gather it looks like the 3 cities the plaques were in Washington D.C., Philidelphia, and New York these… Read More

Beautiful Mary

Beginning as early as 1980 and ending about a decade later, wheatpaste fliers were glued to bus stations, Communist Workers Party and USA Today newspaper boxes, lampposts, signs and other public surfaces across center city Philadelphia. No photos… Read More

This is just awesome

House of Hades tiles in Buffalo, NY: click here for many, many more.

Street Preachings

What do Charles, Darwin, Carl Sagan, L. Ron Hubbard, Friedrich Nietzsche, and the 9-11 terrorists all have in common? Not much, but all are targets of a Reading Terminal area street prophet: . . . . .

it’s about time

I didn’t make this, but hats off to whoever did.

taking a step into the virtual world

Encyclopedia Britannica describes Second Life as… actually there’s no entry for it on Britannica and even if there was, it’s a subscriber site and I don’t feel like paying for information. Wikipedia defines Second Life as: Second Life… Read More