Sometime in the early to mid-1980’s the Toynbee tiler made a trip to Brazil, Argentia and Chile, laying tiles in Rio, Buenos Aires and Santiago. These were the tiles that made a lot of people stop and take… Read More

This is just awesome

House of Hades tiles in Buffalo, NY: click here for many, many more.

Toynbee in Edison

For months I’ve heard about the amazing Indian food in Edison, NJ and for months I’ve wanted to go. But a trip to north Jersey for a single meal? The idea sat in the back of my mind… Read More

Street Preachings

What do Charles, Darwin, Carl Sagan, L. Ron Hubbard, Friedrich Nietzsche, and the 9-11 terrorists all have in common? Not much, but all are targets of a Reading Terminal area street prophet: . . . . .

Penny Suit Man

A couple weeks ago I finally saw Penny Suit Man. Penny Suit Man is one of Philly’s more elusive street characters. Like the Toynbee tiler, Mister James the El-Prophet*, the elderly lady at 12th and Market that dresses… Read More