Who’s a Copycat?

When people challenge me about the tiles, it’s almost always about the identification of copycats. The claim is usually that newer tiles aren’t the work of the original tiler. The WHAT section of this site traces the development of… Read More

Artist Steve Powers Adds Toynbee Tile to Philly Mural

World famous, Philly-raised artist Stephen Powers (aka ESPO) recently finished up a mural in the Old City neighborhood of Philadelphia. I stopped by for final photos, and found him still at work. He was still taking requests for content,… Read More


Finally, finally, finally I can announce that Resurrect Dead, the Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles, will be coming to a theater near you… maybe. Depends where you live. Also, here’s an official trailer for the movie: Where can… Read More


I enjoy hanging out at film festivals as a minor celebrity, going to parties with movie people, getting lots of free fruit and cheese and drinking bottomless plastic cups of red wine and champagne. I like strangers pressing… Read More

Only Reason to go to South Street Now Gone

Actually that title is a little dramatic. I still have a drunken, 2:30AM place in my heart for Lorenzos, and (upstairs!) at Tattooed Moms is still alright every now and then, but the strips draw – the 4th… Read More

Tiles Profiled by Hellion Internet Reporter

Last week I was contacted by CBS3 internet reporter (and former Miss Pennsylvania) Nicole Brewer about creating a site profile for the station. The webcast would chronicle the fascinating world of toynbeeidea.com and more specifically my bizarre obsession… Read More

Fascinating List of Intersections

Since it’s too hot to think of anything interesting, I’ll post a list of raw data. Below is the ever-expanding list of 2008 Toynbee Tiles. What the tiler may have lacked in quality, he more than made up… Read More

I got nothing today

So here’s a list of new Toynbee tiles that I noticed this weekend: 36th and Walnut 37th and Walnut 38th and Chestnut 36th and Chestnut 33rd and Chestnut 33rd and Market 32nd and Market 31st and Market —-… Read More

I, Svlad Cjelli

I’ve been slacking on Toynbee tile updates. A few weeks back, the first of the 08’ tiles appeared on center city streets. I’m slacking because after 2007’s re-introduction of original style tiles, these new ones just aren’t that… Read More

Toynbee Idea

My google homepage “Quote of the Day” feed occasionally puts up quotes from famed Jupiter Resurrectionist, Arnold Toynbee. Here’s today’s: It is a paradoxical but profoundly true and important principle of life that the most likely way to… Read More