9-11 Conspiracy: Part 1

Culled from the Toynbee.net (sadly, now defunct site) email archives. You know maybe he’s onto something: from what i can gather it looks like the 3 cities the plaques were in Washington D.C., Philidelphia, and New York these… Read More

Internet Need Met by Internet

I recently saw a rough cut of the first 15-20 minutes of Resurrect Dead: the mystery of the Toynbee tiles. The movie is real and it’s in production. I loved it, but I’m biased. But believe it or… Read More

ASCII generator

I’ve been a fan of ASCII crap for a while and frequently use various ASCII generators to waste time. Today Lifehacker brought to my attention the coolest ASCII generator yet. After dropping a few random photos into it,… Read More

Toynbee, 2001 and the Planet Jupiter

I just realized that I never posted this. As I was being born back in 1979, a Philadelphian came across this passage on pgs 139-142 of Arnold Toynbee’s autobiography, Experiences changing his life forever: — Man’s situation is,… Read More

Beautiful Mary

Beginning as early as 1980 and ending about a decade later, wheatpaste fliers were glued to bus stations, Communist Workers Party and USA Today newspaper boxes, lampposts, signs and other public surfaces across center city Philadelphia. No photos… Read More

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good: While driving to Maryland this Thanksgiving, I decided to stop at the rest areas that my bladder schedule usually compels me to pass over. That meant an early stop just south of Wilmington Delaware. Why this… Read More

This is just awesome

House of Hades tiles in Buffalo, NY: click here for many, many more.

Toynbee in Edison

For months I’ve heard about the amazing Indian food in Edison, NJ and for months I’ve wanted to go. But a trip to north Jersey for a single meal? The idea sat in the back of my mind… Read More

Street Preachings

What do Charles, Darwin, Carl Sagan, L. Ron Hubbard, Friedrich Nietzsche, and the 9-11 terrorists all have in common? Not much, but all are targets of a Reading Terminal area street prophet: . . . . .

Penny Suit Man

A couple weeks ago I finally saw Penny Suit Man. Penny Suit Man is one of Philly’s more elusive street characters. Like the Toynbee tiler, Mister James the El-Prophet*, the elderly lady at 12th and Market that dresses… Read More