Artist Steve Powers Adds Toynbee Tile to Philly Mural

World famous, Philly-raised artist Stephen Powers (aka ESPO) recently finished up a mural in the Old City neighborhood of Philadelphia. I stopped by for final photos, and found him still at work. He was still taking requests for content,… Read More

That Sweet, Sweet Tile Cash

After nearly 20 years of interest, 6 years of investigation and 1 year of movie madness, I finally got around to putting together a gallery of Toynbee Tile photos. The gallery is far from comprehensive, but details a… Read More


Resurrect Dead has finished its first Philly run. Considering that we sold out 4 shows in a 360 seat theater and came very close to selling out the remaining 2, it would seem that another run would be… Read More

Resurrect Dead Premier + House of Hades: you got our attentioin

If you haven’t seen on Facebook, Philebrity, WHYY, WMMR, City Paper, The New York Times, The AV Club or any other number of sources, then you’re probably not finding out here either. But anyway, the Toynbee tile movie,… Read More


Finally, finally, finally I can announce that Resurrect Dead, the Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles, will be coming to a theater near you… maybe. Depends where you live. Also, here’s an official trailer for the movie: Where can… Read More

Sundance, From the Stage

So two nights ago, I was standing on the awards stage at the Sundance Film Festival, while Resurrect Dead, Director Jon Foy accepted the award for Best Director in the U.S. Documentary category. I was part of the… Read More

Shepard Fairey

So every once in a while I’m sitting around trying to attach a SQL database to a laptop when a random request comes my way. “Steve, Shepard Fairey is coming tomorrow and no one is covering it. Can… Read More

Tiles Profiled by Hellion Internet Reporter

Last week I was contacted by CBS3 internet reporter (and former Miss Pennsylvania) Nicole Brewer about creating a site profile for the station. The webcast would chronicle the fascinating world of and more specifically my bizarre obsession… Read More

Internet Need Met by Internet

I recently saw a rough cut of the first 15-20 minutes of Resurrect Dead: the mystery of the Toynbee tiles. The movie is real and it’s in production. I loved it, but I’m biased. But believe it or… Read More

Fucking Awesome

Is what I thought the other evening when I saw that the street tile medium is alive, well and spreading. Look at this page and these non-Jupiter related asphalt mosaics from NYC. Really Fucking Awesome Is what I… Read More