Sundance, From the Stage

Director Jon Foy and Star Justin Duerr at the Sundance Premiere of Resurrect Dead

So two nights ago, I was standing on the awards stage at the Sundance Film Festival, while Resurrect Dead, Director Jon Foy accepted the award for Best Director in the U.S. Documentary category. I was part of the tiny team that worked on the film and am one of its subjects. I keep telling people that I have to have a kid, because I can’t think of much else in life that can top my experience just a couple of nights ago.

Since we got the Sundance news, through the first week of the festival, I’d deluded myself into believing with near certainty that we’d win an award. I even had plans for the big moment. I’d bring my camera to the stage and get some photos that no one else could ever get.

A couple days before the ceremony, it occurred to me that we probably wouldn’t win anything. Regardless of my growing skepticism, I sat there in the audience metering the stage/audience/room and taking test shots. Leading to the fest, I’d pictured using a superwide, but when the announcement finally came, I had on the slightly faster, slightly more versatile and still pretty wide 24-70.

Both laughing uncontrollably and with my hands shaking, I did manage a dozen or so photos. Apparently in a state of total shock, my eye for composition suffers. I intend to keep that in mind next year at the Oscars. But anyway, here are some photos.

Click any of them to enlarge:

Jon gives his awards speech


I see one guy looking at me


Jon, Justin and the audience


Little did he know, I was shooting him


Justin Duerr rises above


Justin chats with Simpsons creator and juror for Resurrect Dead, Matt Groening

And here are a couple random shots pulled from the pile:

Last year


Late nights at the condo. Colin Smith and Doug Block chat while Jon sleeps


Jon, happy

I took 1400 photos, so… to be continued.

8 Comments on “Sundance, From the Stage

  1. Thanks for being the brilliant nephew I got to join at a peak moment in his career,for sharing your friends and fellow geniuses as part of the entourage, and making it possible for our family to achieve fame and hopefully fortune in the creative arts!! We are very proud of your accomplishments, and eagerly await further good news of future successes.

  2. Thanks all.

    Brad: The crowd shot was easiest to take, but makes me wish I had the 17mm on. Complaining about anything is a little nuts though.

  3. wah wah wah, lens flare. a fucking Sundance award! i’ve been telling everyone i know for the last month and change that you were nominated and for the last 2 days that you guys won. fucking awesome.

  4. Steve, these totally rule. I keep coming back to look at them. They make me so happy.

  5. Thanks! I really did have these shots in my head for weeks. For whatever reason, I expected to be standing on your left though.

  6. I absolutely love that last picture of Jon. He looks so happy-happier than I’ve seen him in a long time!

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