Resurrect Dead has finished its first Philly run. Considering that we sold out 4 shows in a 360 seat theater and came very close to selling out the remaining 2, it would seem that another run would be a good idea. No word on that yet though.

And by the way… all those people came out without a review from Philly’s increasingly irrelevant print media. But anyway, Thanks Philadelphia!

Director Jon Foy introduces a sold out screening of Resurrect Dead at the International House in Philadelphia

p.s. Papers in New York who wrote and published proper reviews of the film:

New York Times (Critics pick)
Villiage Voice (Liked it)
New York Daily News (HATED it)
Onion AV Club (Mostly liked it)
New York Post (Neutral)
Time Out New York (Reviewer didn’t seem to have watched more than 20 minutes)

But in the end, what does it matter? Philly crushed NY in ticket sales.

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