Fascinating List of Intersections

Since it’s too hot to think of anything interesting, I’ll post a list of raw data. Below is the ever-expanding list of 2008 Toynbee Tiles.

What the tiler may have lacked in quality, he more than made up for in quantity. The current list stands at 40, with most recent sightings on Girard, Allegheny and Passyunk Avenues. That means that neighborhoods in deep north, deep south and everything in-between here in Philly has been tiled.

Except for a couple thinner strips on Girard and the one on the north end of City Hall all the ‘08 tiles look like this:

* Photo credit: stardotjpg from the Tile message board.

Here’s the list:

Broad and Allegheny
Broad and JFK (north side of City Hall)
Broad and Market (east side of City Hall)
Broad and Passyunk
Broad and Vine
Front and Girard
Girard and Frankford
Girard and Franklin
Girard and Lethigow
Girard and Marlborough
Girard and Palmer
5th and Market
5th and Walnut
6th and Market (2 tiles)
6th and South (3 tiles)
9th and Girard
10th and Girard
11th and Girard
17th and Chestnut
18th and Rittenhouse
18th and Spruce
18th and Walnut
19th and Arch
19th and Ben Franklin Parkway
19th and Chestnut
19th and JFK (north side of Logan Circle)
19th and Vine
20th and Chestnut
20th and Sansom
31nd and Market
32st and Market
33rd and Chestnut
33rd and Market
36th and Chestnut
36th and Walnut
37th and Walnut
38th and Chestnut

One Comment on “Fascinating List of Intersections

  1. Add Bridge and Frankford (or
    Bustleton and Frankford, since it’s ambiguous there) to your list. I just noticed that one earlier today, stepping off of the southwest corner to cross Frankford.

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