New York City = House of Hades

About a year ago, several large, colorful street tiles appeared in Buffalo, NY. By winter the “House of Hades” tiles had been completely destroyed by snowplows. But their creators have been tenacious. Earlier this year, a new batch appeared in Buffalo. Now, a HHH tile has popped up at 9th Ave and 56th street in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. Stylistically, aesthetically, artistically and creatively these are my favorite of the “copycat” tiles:

Also, last Friday’s post listed 12 new Toynbee tiles here in Philly. Since Friday I’ve seen additional new tiles at:

5th and Walnut
5th and Market
6th and Market (2 of them, 1 already badly damaged, the other nearly destroyed)

Also, Justin reported a tile at 34th and Walnut and I’m sure there are more.

4 Comments on “New York City = House of Hades

  1. Hi there, I’m in Canada. I’ve been interested in these tiles as well. So far in my search up here, there has been nothing found in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, or the Okanagan in B.C. If anyone has any locations of any tiles here in Canada that would be great to post them here too. 🙂

    • No Toynbee tiles have ever been reported in Canada, but I bet House of Hades or Stikman have made it up there at some point. Best best is Toronto/Montreal.

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