new, new style tiles made in new style appearing west of broad

Yes, you read that right. This morning I noticed a new Toynbee tile at 19th and Chestnut. It’s made in the new style, but in a new style for the new style. These new, new style tiles are… Read More

New Religion announced/denounced

This morning I sketched out the founding tenet of my personal religion. This doesn’t mean it’s actually my personal belief system, just that it’s the foundation of a belief structure by which others could live. Does this make… Read More

Toynbee tile in Iraq

Here’s a photo of a Toynbee tile from Balad, Iraq… WTF? The copycat tile was discovered by a poster to this site. Quote for posterity: N 33° 57.131 E 044° 22.552 Cool! Balad (or thereabouts, Iraq) How bored… Read More

Saturday Night Weirdness

Not long ago, a group of mad scientists gathered in a laboratory near Philadelphia and constructed a device that they claimed achieved 2-way communication with the dead. They asked for no money from these experiments and gave away… Read More

Tile news

Resurrect Dead the movie is coming together nicely. The Toynbee tile phenomenon continues to generate widespread curiosity. Buzz about the film has started to pop up in message boards across the internet and print articles around the world…. Read More