new, new style tiles made in new style appearing west of broad

Yes, you read that right. This morning I noticed a new Toynbee tile at 19th and Chestnut. It’s made in the new style, but in a new style for the new style. These new, new style tiles are larger, appear to be more carefully made, contain possible new messages and are placed farther into the street than the old, new style tiles. This is exciting. When I hit the message board with my astonishing discovery, I saw that reports of new, new style, new tiles have been pouring in since late last night.

Although the tiles were probably laid a week to a month ago, everyone noticed them in the last few hours. Weird. New, new style, new tiles have been spotted at the following locations:

19th and Chestnut
30th and Market
31st and Market

Pictures to follow.

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