Saturday Night Weirdness

Not long ago, a group of mad scientists gathered in a laboratory near Philadelphia and constructed a device that they claimed achieved 2-way communication with the dead. They asked for no money from these experiments and gave away all information on the construction of their communicators. One of these scientists, Hans Heckmann, is still alive and well. Because of his odd hobby and his day job as a Conrail engineer, he attracted the attention of the Toynbee tile documentary team. From what we have been able to tell, Heckmann stood firmly by his research. To him, it was not a fraud, it was very real and very serious.

Here is a recording that Heckmann and company made with their device. Following is a transcript and a link, but first a brief explanation of the quality of the recording:

…We have been told by our spirit colleagues that it is not an easy thing for them to speak into our world loudly and clearly in a voice that sounds natural and normal to us. When they come through our equipment, they somehow have to transduce the subtle energies of their world into electrical and acoustic energies of our world. They say they employ techniques and apparatuses in their world that are currently beyond our understanding.

Read the text below as you listen from this link.

“Finally, last but not least, Mark Macy. My dear friend, we bring our greeting to Colleague Meek and the Uphoffs. Also to Hans Heckmann with whom he realizes a beautiful job to spread ITC information. You know by experience, Mark, how dangerous drugs of all kinds can be. Try to warn humanity that they not only alter their present lives on your side, but also influence in a negative way their future lives. Go on with your experiences and you will see that the bridge to the States will soon be strengthened. Regina, as your twin soul, can help you a lot. Listen to her inner voice, and you will be in the right way.” “Thank you,” I said.

So this was:

A. A total fraud, or
B. Real.

That’s all for now.

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