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If you’re from Philly, you probably know about the Mural Arts Program. You also might know about Steve Powers’  Love Letter Project. You might even know that Love Letter is a Mural Arts Program project. If you’re familiar with Mural Arts, that probably comes as a little bit of a surprise. Love Letter is very different for the organization. For that I say: GREAT! Seriously.

I was in the neighborhood on Monday and took my first look at the murals. (not from the el, from down on Market Street) Coming east on Market, I saw this wall perfectly framed from street level and had to stop for a photo. That’s Powers himself way up there in the biggest lift I’ve ever seen. Click to enlarge:


One of the people working on this enormous project is Zoe Strauss, who’s been documenting its progress. Check out her site for more amazing photos.

* Last thing: I spotted a still covered Toynbee tile at 52nd and Market. This is the 3rd known tile west of the Schuylkill so far this year, the others being at 40th and Market and 34th and Chestnut. You can also find a non-Toynbee street tile put down by some West Philly locals outside the Green Line Cafe at 43rd and Baltimore.

To the tiler: Thanks for hitting up West Philly. You’ve got a receptive audience out there. Next, you’ve gotta get up to Germantown. That’s all for now.

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  1. Check Resurrect Dead if you haven’t in the last couple days. The one at 38th and Spruce is uncovered and I uploaded some pics. Nice big tile!

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