Phase II

You know how I said the gospel of Judas or some shit was found yesterday.  Fuck that.  Later on in the day, the gospel of Toynbee as recorded by (_________) was uncovered.  The sacred texts were under protection of a man in Maryland who we’ll call Silu.  Silu contacted the Resurrect Dead team after synchronizing a sophisticated set of well tuned technological devices to receive messages carried on ambient frequencies.  Information was then transmitted digitally to the documentary team at a specified time and location. 

Keep checking back here and at Resurrect Dead for updates.  Due to the sensitive nature of these texts, they remain at Above Top Secret status, inaccessible even to the president of the United States.  A small, clandestine group of elders based in West Philadelphia will be handling declassification and dissemination of these materials.  That’s all for now.

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