In the early 1980’s The Toynbee Tiler covered center city in handbills advertising the idea and his shortwave radio broadcasts. I never saw one of these handbills, but with the help of our friends in the shortwave community, we’ve tracked down an article about them from the February 1984 ACE zine. It reads:


Arnold Toynbee’s conception of the colonization of
outer space as depicted in the movie “2001: A SPACE
ODYSSEY” on the ability of science to bring every dead
molecule of every human body of history back to life
on the gigantic planet of JUPITER.
We beg the people of this community to accept us
as we have been denied acceptance by the media and
Please write us at P.O. Box 42678 Phila. 19101
(U.S.A) and TUNE 6.25 Megacycles (48 meters) short
wave (Saturday nights, midnights).”


The above public notice has recently began to appear
in the center city of Philadelphia, Pa. These
“stickers” have showed up almost everywhere! On USA
Today boxes, telephone poles, train & bus stations,
even on Communist Workers Party newspaper boxes. Mr.
G. Primavera, who brought this interesting
announcement to our attention, has been monitoring
6.25 MHz and says he has not heard “them” yet. He’s
not sure if this station would fall under the
classification of pirate or clandestine. Let’s play
close attention to this frequency in the weeks ahead
and see what (if anything) shows up.


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