So yesterday afternoon I headed over to a friends house in West Philly. There were about a dozen people and 20 pumpkins. I carved 2. I bet you can guess which one in the below pic is mine.

When the sun went down, those of us remaining put all the pumpkins out in the tiny front ‘yard’ and relaxed on the porch. People started stopping and looking at the display. The weird thing is, most the people who stopped commented on the ‘Toynbee pumpkin’ and knew of the tiles. It’s amazing how well they’ve seeped into public consciousness.

Not having any use for it once it was done, I took the Toynbee pumpkin half a block down the street to the director of Resurrect Dead’s front porch. The plan was to leave it there without explanation. There were a couple people sitting there, so I left it with them. I gave no name or real explanation. Jon didn’t live there anymore, but about an hour later he called me trying to figure out where in the hell the thing came from.

Here are the rest of the pumpkins. My favorites are Ari’s pumpkin prison, Scan Boltron’s horrible splayed rectum pumpkin, and Jamie’s cat pumpkin… but they’re all pretty good.

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