Strangest moment of the day

Today I was at a meeting full of people from cultural institutions across Philadelphia. It was a meeting about geocaching, otherwise known as scavenger hunts for techies. My place of employment will have a cache in an upcoming promotion put together by GPTMC.

Towards the end of the meeting, the guy from the Independence Visitor Center – completely unsolicited – leans over to me and says, “have you ever seen the Toynbee letters?”

This was the strangest moment of my day. My answer was probably the strangest moment of his. By the end of our conversation, he was headed straight for 4th and South (to see the last Philly original tile) and looking forward to the documentary.

One Comment on “Strangest moment of the day

  1. I was down at S. Street today and got a couple pictures of the tiles between 3rd and 10th. Gonna link back to you on the post since I know you have a thing for them.

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