best toynbee tile unveiling photoessay in the world

Yes I’m still talking about the damn tiles. Today, a photoessay of yesterday’s great unveiling. This includes all known new tiles, except 15th and Race… which was found earlier today. The person pictured is Resurrect Dead documentary collaborator Colin Smith. During the whole unveiling we were approached by 2 bus drivers, 1 woman from Illinois, 1 Action News reporter and several anonymous passers-by.


13th and Market:


12th and Market:


12th and Filbert:


13th and Filbert:


15th and Arch:


15th and Chestnut:


16th and Chestnut:


10 Comments on “best toynbee tile unveiling photoessay in the world

  1. You gonna be on the news Steve?

    I have to admit there’s a certain anxiety in the air with your posts. It’s kind of got me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what new details you post next.

  2. the new tiles look great. but I would really love to see a close up on some of the readable side text. the tiles fascinate me but I think it’s mostly because of the extra text. without that I think many would get bored with the tiles slightly varied and yet the same text. I’m looking forward to dead, I cant wait to learn more about the documents they unearthed.

  3. Almost all of the side-text is already mangled beyond legibility. While most of it seemed to be existing messages: “harvest you to prison” and “rise up en masse and give you beatings” there were a couple new ones.

    Frustratingly, the only legible one was at 15th and Chestnut. There’s a detail shot of it in this post and it says “N.B.C. hellion jews were first to” and then the rest is crumbled.

    Tiler really hates those hellion jews.

  4. while the antisemitism is slightly troubling, it’s only ever been directed at “hellion jews,” and even I hate the hellion jews.

  5. For real, I am thrilled to see the tiles. I love them. Once there was a tile on 76 right at the 22nd st exit before 676 was built. I remember seeing it when stopped in traffic and being amazed at how the tiler could have gotted it on the highway.

    I’m looking forward to my resurrection on the red spot planet. Thanks, Steve! The tiles are awesome


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