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I’ve never really given much thought about what I want done with my body once I’m done with it. I guess that I figured that I’d be cremated. It’s better for the environment, cheaper and generally more appealing in some way. No embalming, rotting or worms. I may have just changed my mind though. If I’m cremated, how can I have this on my gravestone?

The carver may be Weird PA (of the Weird NJ franchise of magazines and books) author Matt Lake. I’ve put an email to Mr. Lake to confirm this. I know he’s a tile fan and the flickr page with this image was tagged with his name. Whoever created it, good work man! The message lives.

Postscript: I’ve decided that I want the dead molecules of my body resurrected on the gigantic planet of Jupiter! That’s all for now.

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  1. is that who the guy presenting the tile on display is? Nice to see him getting young impressionable minds exposed to the idea!

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