New Toynbee Tiler!

Toynbee tile interest comes in and out like the phases of the moon. It’s really amazing how cyclical it can be. Just as my interest begins to ebb and tile fatigue sets in, a series of events unfolds, sending my strange obsession right back into the limelight.

This week began with tile fatigue. Tiling has most likely gone into winter hibernation here in Philly. The message board was dead and frankly, I have other interests that can easily subjugate the time I devote to my ‘tile research.’

Then I got a return email from a man I contacted through the email archives. He discovered 2 tiles in Aberdeen Maryland about 10 years ago and promised to try and find the photos he took way back then. Justin Duerr may also be close to tracking down a photo of the newly rediscovered Harrisburg tile. (complete with “murder all journalists message”)

By Wednesday a flurry of emails started appearing in my inbox. Interest in the tiles is back on the rise… apparently worldwide. My site stats are also registering a ton of tile related hits each day.

And then this morning, a brand new tile made in a style never before seen was reported in a suburb of Indianapolis, IN by someone who I only know by the internet handle toynbeeindy. Here is that new tile:

This tile looks like the work of a second copycat. The original tiler once wrote, “ONLY BY DESTRUCTION OF THE MEDIA CAN THIS MOVEMENT SURVIVE” but way back when that message was meticulously carved, wrapped and glued, the internet didn’t exist. With more copycats carrying this message on, Toynbee tiles have new hope of an enduring life and legacy.


One Comment on “New Toynbee Tiler!

  1. I can’t express how happy these new Indianapolis tiles make me! I think the concept of copycats cropping up in distant cities is so exciting. I really wish they’d start appearing in other countries. There also may be tiles that bear a different message, or only a visual image, which we may never be aware of. It’s so tantalizing! Independently operating “Toynbee cells”! Take THAT, “cult of the hellion”!!!

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